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Huwa-San for Livestock


Arbourdale's organic chlorine alternative (HSP) boosts livestock performance by improving water quality, gut health, and managing risk.

HSP is a low-inclusion water treatment engineered to support animal health and protect/improve yields.

HSP maximizes water quality and increases bio-security.

HSP Controls Biofilm and Pathogens while improving the barn environment and keeping troughs/drinkers clean.

HSP is non-corrosive, vapour free, and stable at a wide range of temperatures and pH levels.

Environmentally Friendly and Safe to Use

Hydrogen peroxide, a naturally occurring molecule, is water with an added oxygen atom. Instead of H2O, it's H2O2. It's 100% biodegradable, breaking down into water and oxygen.

HSP is lowering health costs and improving results for poultry, swine, dairy, and beef producers throughout North America.

Arbourdale's livestock professionals can help you determine the most effective delivery method – informed by best practices in health and safety compliance for your specific operation.

HSP is NSF 60 Certified and approved for organic operations

Ingredients: stabilized hydrogen peroxide, ultra-pure water

"We focus on quality, density, and processing of feed, but we take water for granted because it costs "nothing" — or at least does not appear on the feed bill."- "Multi-National Feed Company" 2017

Huwa-San 1

Product Specifications:


Huwa-San is available in 25% (TR-25) and 50% (TR-50) concentrations.

Huwa-SanTR-25 available in 25kg jugs and 220kg barrels

Huwa-San TR-50 (50%) is available in 240kg barrel and 1100kg totes

Manure Happens

Healthy Pits/lagoons

Treat deep pits and lagoons naturally. Reduce sludge and odor, while liquifying waste with easy-to-use Healthy Farms from BioverseAg.

Healthy Farms products won't fizz or foam. They go right to the sludge layer and start to work right away. Healthy Farm's manure treatments work 24/7 releasing beneficial bacteria treating the entire manure column from the bottom up.

Formulated to reduce sludge, liquefy waste, prevent crusting, reduce flies and odours


Formulated for DEEP PITS

  • 24/7 Activation
  • Continuous Release Technology
  • Proprietary Microbial Isolates
  • Easy to use
  • Safe, Natural, Biodegradable
  • Twice a year application

Application Rate:

Swine: 1 per 80 sows Or 200 finishers

Dairy: 1 per 30,000 gallons Storage capacity

6 Spheres per case

Activator Plus

Pull Plug and Deep Pit

Activator Plus is formulated specifically of selected microbial organisms for the inoculation, activation, and breakdown of suspended organic solids in agricultural waste containment.

Application Rate:

Crust—1lb per 100 square feet

Pull Plug—0.25lbs per crate
or 50 sq/ft

Apply every pull
25lbs per bag/pail

Lagoon Treatment:

Lagoon Treatment:

  • Liquefies waste reduces sludge, eliminates crusting
  • Specially formulated for outdoor lagoons and containments
  • Maintains and enhances nutrient values
  • 100% natural, safe and biodegradable.
  • Twice a year application

Application Rate:

1 per 125,000 gallons of containment

Apply every 180 days
4 Spheres per case



Slim dispenser fits through any slat
Liquefies Slurry, Reduces Sludge, Eliminates Crusting
Constant release technology

Application Rate:

Swine Farrowing, Gestation, Breeding
2 for every 80 head every 180 days

Nursery, Grower, Finisher
2 for every 200 head 90-180 days


Crust Buster

Tough problems require the strongest solutions.

CBF-20 is the solution for persistent or problem crusting. CBF is the most powerful formulation available to liquify top crust quickly and thoroughly.

Mixed with clean water and spread across the crust surface, CBF works from the top down to liquify crust in 30 days.

CBF MUST be kept wet for the full treatment period.


Drying Agent


A multi-purpose drying agent and odor control.

Drying and reducing chill in all animal species, including newborn piglets.

Compare Drying Agents


Absorb™ is a select hydrated Sodium Aluminosilicate.

Specific gravity …..2.61
Screen Analysis…Wet 40% 200 mesh
Free Moisture …10-12 %
Dry 60% 200 mesh L.O.I……….16-17%
Bulk Density …Lbs./ft./³Loose 50
pH …………………… 4.5
Packed 75

Product Ingredients:


HSCAS (Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate Total: 100%
Mineral Oil (to minimize dust)

Use Directions:

  • Drying and reducing chill in all animal species, including newborn piglets, swine, cattle, poultry, sheep, goats, horses, and pets. For newborn animals, it is recommended that Absorb be rubbed vigorously between its neck and tail until the animal is dry.
  • Removing moisture and ammonia odor from livestock and recreational animal housing, poultry barns, and kennels.
  • Absorb can be sprinkled on animal bedding and flooring to absorb moisture and odors caused by urination, diarrhea, or water.
  • Absorbing wetness in any area where moisture is a problem.

Feed Spills and Composting

Feed spills in the barn may be rare, but when they happen, reach for Feed Digester. Our proprietary blend of bacteria and enzymes works quickly to break down the tough grain and liquefy the entire pile.

Packaged dry for best shelf-life Feed Digester is mixed with clean water and added straight to the spill. Keep plie moist during the entire treatment process.

To speed composting and create a more uniform finished product, Compost Plus is a powerful, simple addition to any compost program.

Added to piles or composters, Compost Plus bacteria constantly works, keeping temperatures up for a fast a thorough composting. Compost Plus is suitable for all organics, including carcasses. Mix with clean water and add directly to compost. If applying to piles, add liquid in layers for best results.

Compost Plus Directions

Compost Activation Dosage

All Stages – 4 Bags /100sq/ft - Add to 11L of warm water and apply evenly to compost - Repeat twice a month or as needed

  • Livestock Compost - 4 Bags / 250 sq. ft of surface area - Add to 8L of warm water and apply evenly to compost - Repeat weekly or as needed
  • Organic Standing Waste - 4 Bags / 15 sq. ft - Add to 11L of warm water and apply evenly to compost - Repeat weekly or as needed
  • Poultry Litter - 4 Bags / 1000 sq. ft of bedding - Move to maintenance dosage; schedule in 30 days
  • Compost Maintenance Dosage – 4Bags/100sq ft - Add to 11L of warm water and apply evenly to compost - Apply after 30 days; repeat every 90 days

Barn Odours

Barn Odours

Advanced Bio Pro is an innovative, all-natural liquid blend designed for the rapid uptake of ammonia ions and capturing typical manure odors such as ammonia, amines, hydrogen sulfide, and mercaptans.

Advanced Bio Pro is ideal for poultry:
Layers - Broiler/Fryers - Roasters - Breeders

  • Removes 95% of odor within three days
  • Reduces composting time by 30-50%
  • Reduces ammonia emission by 50% in minutes

Controls hazardous gases, improving animal health and life expectancy.


Control Odours Anywhere

  • Manure Handling Equipment
  • Sale Barns
  • Animal Trailers
  • Compost Piles for Dead Animals
  • Processing Plants
  • Drains, Residential/Commercial
  • Food Processing
  • Poultry Houses
  • Manure Piles
  • Fire and Smoke Remediation

Garbage and Disposal Odours

Advanced BioPro works in dumpsters and garbage rooms to quickly naturally control odours.

A quick spray over the area is all it takes to control odours for up to 2 weeks.

Drains DrainXcel

Maintenance Solution for Your Drains and Grease Traps

  • Eliminates odor
  • Digests organic material
  • Increases performance
  • Reduces solids
  • Rapid results
  • Reduces or eliminates pumping
  • Eliminates jetting of clogged drains

DrainXcel cleans and maintains drain systems and grease traps with a concentrated solution of Bacteria and Enzymes that absorb and digest Fats, Oils, Grease, and Food Waste. The application process is fast, easy, and effortless. DrainXcel quickly eliminates odours and resolves the toughest drain challenges.


Science By Nature

We use a unique blend of nature's own ingredients to create products that solve everyday challenges. Our Enzyme and Bacteria concentrate designed to jumpstart performance and radically transform pipes and drains.

  • Safe for humans & animals
  • All-Natural unique blend
  • Leaves no by-product or residues
  • Will not damage pipes or drains


  • DrainXcel is best used in a regular maintenance system
  • We recommend automated injection into the drain system on a regular basis to maintain drain health and control odours
  • For commercial and food preparation drains:
  • 7ml per hour/ 167ml per day

Arbourdale is pleased to provide quotes for injector systems as required.