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An Organic Chlorine Alternative

An Organic Chlorine Alternative


Providing safe, potable water is a worldwide challenge.

Huwa-San from Roam Technology offers a safe, organic, chlorine-free alternative for powerful, effective drinking water disinfection.

Odourless, colourless, and tasteless, Huwa-San is formulated specifically for drinking water treatment.

Huwa-San has been protecting municipal and home water systems for over a decade in Canada.

  • Controls bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae in drinking water
  • Breaks down and removes biofilm build-up in pipes and equipment
  • Non-foaming formula with no gaseous by-products
  • 100% biodegrades into water and pure oxygen with no dangerous disinfection by-products
  • Long-lasting effect with an excellent shelf life
  • Completely eliminates the use of chlorine and other unpleasant chemicals in the water
  • NSF60 certified for use in public water supply
  • Leaves the water clean, clear, and healthy with a fresh, pure taste

What is Huwa-San?

Huwa-San Peroxide (HSP) is a stabilized hydrogen peroxide solution designed specifically for safe, powerful, and effective disinfection of drinking water.

HSP is a Health Canada-registered, NSF 60 certified organic disinfectant that is safe to consume for people and pets everywhere.

Because hydrogen peroxide breaks down into water and oxygen, HSP will leave zero residue or toxic by-products in your water, meaning your water will stay clean and clear with no harsh fumes, odour, or taste.

HSP's stabilized formula means that in addition to being safer to consume than chlorine, HSP also provides longer-lasting water-treating power by breaking down more pathogens and organic matter over time.

A little bit of HSP goes a long way!


Keeping People and Pipes Happy and Healthy


Huwa-San stabilized peroxide is a proven & effective solution for keeping pipes and plumbing systems clean and functional while delivering high-quality, crystal clear drinking water!

The stabilized formula of HSP allows it to stay in your water supply longer than chlorine disinfectants. This means HSP provides greater oxidizing power than chlorine, removing more harmful organic matter from your water over a longer period of time.

"Biofilm" refers to the buildup of bacteria (and the waste they produce) on surfaces and in plumbing systems, including pipes and drains. This buildup will lead to clogged drains and pipes AND can leave pathogens in your water supply, potentially making you sick from your own drinking water!

Chlorine solutions are the most commonly used treatments for cleaning drinking water. However, while it has the power to kill most bacteria in the water supply, chlorine is not an effective solution for removing biofilm or killing the bacteria embedded in the buildup. In fact, chlorine can corrode your pipes and make the damage worse, costing homeowners thousands in repairs!

Stop Drinking Chlorine!

HSP is a powerful, natural remedy for plumbing problems like biofilm! The non-corrosive, non-toxic stabilized hydrogen peroxide formula quickly breaks down organic buildup and kills bacteria as it travels through your plumbing system. Your pipes will be cleaned and maintained while your water is kept clean, clear, safe, and healthy!

An example of how biofilm can build up in your plumbing.
An example of how biofilm can build up in your plumbing.

Huwa-San doesn't just make clean water...  it makes water that cleans!

Marine & RV Made Easy

Summer should be about memories, NOT maintenance.

Cleaning and maintaining your boat or RV's freshwater tank can be expensive and time-consuming. The chemicals you buy for this process can be corrosive, damaging to the environment, or hazardous to human health.

Keep it simple with Huwa-San!

HSP's powerful oxidation of pathogens and organic matter makes it an effective disinfectant of every surface within your boat or RV's freshwater holding system!

Once your freshwater tank is clean and good as new, keep adding HSP to your water supply to keep your boat or RV's drinking water clean, healthy, and safe for all to enjoy!

  • Removes all forms of viruses, bacteria, and algae from tanks and pipes!
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive; easy on pipes and plumbing!
  • safe and organic formula that keeps your tank clean and your drinking water clear, pure-tasting, and healthy!
  • A powerful and proven controller of legionella in large water systems!
  • An easy, one-step, one-ingredient solution for freshwater tank cleaning and water disinfection!


Taking the family out on a winter adventure? Huwa-San has your back!

HSP's unrivaled stability allows it to work at a wider range of temperatures than other water treatment solutions. Snow or shine, hot or cold, HSP will make sure your freshwater stays as fresh, clean, and safe as possible.

So wherever and whenever you decide to travel, Huwa-San will cure your water worries! Spend less time and money on maintenance and treatment and focus on the activities you love!

Contact Arbourdale today to learn more about how Huwa-San can help you create the world's best drinking water!

Worry-Free Water, Whenever, Wherever

HSP's stabilized formula provides the powerful and safe disinfection capabilities of hydrogen peroxide with unmatched longevity.

HSP's stability also makes it a low-inclusion solution for cleaning your drinking water. That means that a little bit of HSP in your freshwater tank goes a long way towards giving you clean, safe drinking water and saving you time and money!

No matter the water source or the distance travelled, you can be confident your freshwater is being kept clean & pure by HSP's long-lasting water treatment solution!